Long Distance Boundaries


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Today while trying to register my daughter for Kindergarten I discovered that I had to call long distance to get registration information for my local school. 


I live in the Rocky View division surrounding Calgary north, south, east and west. Apparently Rocky View Schools offices are about 30 miles from my house in Langdon, so I have to pay long distance charges to call them. 


I get that one needs to make decisions about long distance boundaries but when this is the area in which I live I find it quite ridiculuous to have to pay long distance. 



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TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee



It all has to do with the local routing numbers in the central office.  If the school is not apart of that chain of numbers unfortunately it's considered long distance.  If you use your cellphone, since cellphone reception is through towers, it shouldn't be long distance.


Hope this helps you!