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Location of IR sensor on VIP5662W?

Friendly Neighbour

Just got a VIP5662W, and want to control via my IR repeater. Never had trouble finding a sensor before, but cannot see this one.


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What IR repeater are you using? There is ample discussions on the new receivers, working on a few select IR sender/receivers.

It is an AGPtek, which is a cheap, generic, though it has always worked well. One odd thing, it gives a feeble little blink when operating the TV box instead of the nice solid flash you get with everything else. Also, as I say, I don't really know where to attach the flasher. 

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Not sure which AGPtek model you have, but the 5662w uses 36 kHz or 38 kHz IR frequency.

Have had long chat with Telus, and will tell you what I know to spare you the same. The issue is how to control the TV box if located inside a cabinet. With the VIP5662W:

  1) Bluetooth does not work

  2) IR repeaters do not work

  3) Top secret location of IR sensor is irrelevant due to 2)

  4) Need to put your box outside cabinet, or

  5) Downgrade to CIS430 to use IR repeater

  6) CIS430 needs to be delivered by technician

  7) $100 install fee waived (credit where due)

I have opted for the downgrade. 


I have a working setup with my Arris behind my TV (completely hidden) - here's the deal.


1. I bought a Harmony Hub Companion (

2. The Harmony is a bluetooth remote so I thought that it would work via bluetooth...but no luck.  Telus does not allow a different bluetooth remote to connect to the Arris even though there is a pair button on the back.

3. I purchased an IR repeater off Amazon (

4. Plugged the repeater in and everything worked first issues.  

5. My Harmony Hub is appx 25' away from the IR Receiver (which is stuck to the top of the TV)


Can not find link to discussions that talk about which ir repeaters work with the vp5662 model

Also I should mention that you did put a link to a model on amazon called nextronics. What about a simple emitter with a 3.5mm jack? For my setup the PVR box is behind a kitchen cabinet and my TV has an IR output that should work to control the box yet doesn't. I suspect that the issue is that not all IR emitters seem to work with the telus boxes as seen in the previous discussions. And it's ridiculous that there is no jack in the box itself to connect to a IR receiver. Really a dumb problem. Telus should have a ready solution for this for installations that the install should be able to inform about. Ie: here is a list of products that are capable to use, even if this means I have to go buy and install it myself at least I know they will work. My install guy said any IR extender would work but that doesn't seem to be the case.

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Community Power User

Might it be because the current remote is a Bluetooth device?


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Friendly Neighbour

No, it works with a universal remote. Just not with the extender.


After reading the whole post, I have learned more about this topic. Thank you so much. 

Friendly Neighbour

Just to finish up the storey, an ISB7050 arrived in due course. It helpfully has the location of the IR sensor marked in the manual. It did not work with a Sumnacon repeater, nor did it work with an AGPtek repeater. I ordered a BAFX Products repeater, and it works! The specs for all these things are the same (they are all at the cheap end of the price spectrum) so it is a mystery. Good luck.

(Not necessarily to you, famous--just wanted to add to the tail of the thread)


At the moment, I have no need for an IR extender (my old Hauppauge HD-PVR tried with my old Cisco 330, but it never worked right, and Hauppauge told me that they didn't keep the codes up to date anyway), but my curiosity is piqued, and perhaps someone can tell me for the future:


My idea of an IR extender is that it gets IR codes at its sensor and repeats them at its, er, flasher. Why wouldn't it work with any IR device? Does an IR extender have some smarts that interfere? Are there different wavelengths involved? Clearly there's more going on with IR extenders than my simple idea. Any enlightenment welcome. Thanks.