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i was wondering to get the speed improvements if i should upgrade some of my boxes? we just in Merto vancouver/ BC had a wind storm and in my area the power always goes out, just recently my box in my room is now saying cant display over hdcp again, am i use the wrong hdmi cable or or the boxes hardware going?

should i get a tech in here and replace all boxs with new ones and new hdmi cables?




Community Power User
Community Power User
Just a handshake error turn the box off and back on.

Community Power User
Community Power User

It can also be your TV. If it's the TV, replacing the boxes will have no effect. The odds of it being a cable are nearly zero. Go get some component cables. Since they are analog, they don't use HDCP. It's also better to buy your own cables. I bought my own HDMI and haven't had problems. Just be sure to buy them from a decent place. Most charge far too much (Big Box stores, The Source etc). Either use (USA) or (Canadian site)


If the power goes out regularly, buy a UPS. 

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