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Limt bandwidth per user ip/mac addy

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Hey i was just wondering if it possible in the router setting anywhere to limit bandwidth per user. My 14 year old son is constantly gaming and streaming hogging all the bandwidth. When he does it slows down my connection to almost nothing, cant stream netflix at the same time. I currently have 50Mb plan, so it should be plenty. I want to limit his bandwidth to 20 and keep 30 for the rest of us.

Thanks for any input

Community Power User
Community Power User

What modem/router do you currently have? Do you have an extender? What does a speedtest show you? The Actionec is rather limited on advanced features, as an example QoS.


I bridge my router and use my own router for more features and control of my network.

I noticed when I started to use the 5ghz band.... it works faster than the congested 2.4ghz band.


Another option.... Ethernet connect yourself to the modem to avoid the congested wifi signals.

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I have the T1200H and the wifi extender. My son is hard wired into the extender and pretty much everything else is WIFI. when hes not home speed test is between 45 and 55. When hes downloading games or upgrades on steam speed test drops to 5MB. I have to tell him to stop downloading so the rest of the family can watch netflix without it buffering or completely freezing our shows.

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Community Power User

Steam has the ability to limit the bandwidth used right in the settings. And you can limit the bandwidth on Netflix as well. Does your son have a 4K monitor? If yes Netflix or even YouTube, for eligible videos, may try push 4K content which takes more bandwidth.


On Steam:

  1. Click on the Steam menu and select Settings
  2. On the left column select Downloads
  3. Under Download Restrictions click the checkbox and choose times and bandwidth limit.
    >> Note the bandwidth is in KB and MB per second so if you're on 50mbps that = 5MBps. Limit the connection to 2MB/s on Steam.



For adjusting data used for Netflix, see instructions on their website. Netflix's HD streams are only 3mbps so they don't use much by default.


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