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Legacy channel packages and new package comparison

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I wound up on a chat with  TELUS agent who recommended I can get a cheaper tv service by switching from a 5 theme pack @ 9.00 to a 6 theme pack package for a cheaper price.




I tried to explain to the agent that my packages weren't called the same thing on the hyperlink he provided for the channel listings in my area (Vancouver) and that I couldn't pick an additional package without knowing what I already have and how they match up so I wouldn't know if the new package I'm selecting already has channels I had, he couldn't tell me what I had and just provided me a link to what was online as the current pacakges.  So I was already in contact with telus for over 2 hours and I had to go to work so I told eventually him to add the blockbuster package.


Later that day I get an email that all of my previous packages are being removed and new ones I didn't even ask for are added.  I purposefully don't subscribe to sports or news and I don't know if what I previously had are what is in the new packages.  Can someone help me find a comparison?




What was removed : Essentials,

includes Popular Choices, Learning, Time Choice and Adventure


What was added:  Essentials includes Popular Sports, Time Shift, World & Beyond, Prime Time, Blockbusters and News International, Essentials 2.0 combo PST adj


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Unless one of the Neighbours in the community happens to have a paper copy of the package listings they could share, I'm not sure there is a way to compare the content of the packages you had to the ones now offered. The 'My Account' section lists the channels in the packages you are currently subscribed, but that doesn't help just now.


Best I can suggest is to determine which channels you most want, and build a set of packages around those. You can manage these changes yourself in the 'My Account' section, if you wish.

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Been there, done that. TELUS cold call some time ago advised I would get 8 theme packs with what I had plus more channels for the same price. I asked at least 5 times during our conversation if I would lose anything, the answer was no, you will only gain channels for the same price. I agreed. When implemented I did not have the same channels, although there were some new ones, a few of our favourites were gone. When I contacted TELUS I was advised by the rep that they could not re-establish my old channel selections, legacy theme packs as you call them. A manager in customer retention worked the miracles for me and we have had our Legacy theme packs for some time. It is possible to re-establish (albeit done manually I assume, but it is possible)

I have an old channel list from 2014/14 - PM if you want and I'll scan and send to you. The '14 listings show;

Popular Choice - A&E; Bravo; Investigation Discovery; Showcase; TLC; W Network (east and west)

Learning - BBC World News; Discovery Science; Documentary; G4; History (east and west); OWN

Adventure - Discovery Channel; DTOUR; National Geographic; Peachtree TV; Space; Spike. 

Essentials should be close to same as will be Time Shift. 

Hope this helps!


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The old Adventure pack was a good one.

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You can always change your channel packs on-line every 30 days.  We have some favorite programs we watch regularly, but even with those we get tired of them, so we change out that pack for something new.  Of course this does not apply to the Sportspack with  live broadcasts, something new everyday. 🙂

I would love to have the old channel list from 2014.

How do I PM you?

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Click on @Skiddy name in the post, and one of the options there is to send a private message.

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I am still on the GrandFathered TV combo plan with 6 themes.


I looked into it a couple of years ago and the old combo had better groupings, so we stayed the same.


When I go online it has a thing about 8 theme under the new ones.


I just added Adventure Extra from the old plan.