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Last chance for telus to come through on agreement

In May I signed up for the telus home/internet package including a free 50" Samsung smart tv that was to be delivered 2-4 weeks from sign up date. Since then it has been 4 months of me calling and receiving statements from various customer service representatives as to why it hasn't been sent. I have been more than patient every time and more than willing to listen to the long-winded excuses such as "out of stock and software errors" and how many teams are being dedicated to my account all over sending a promotional gift. I have heard 4 times that someone will be following my account and updating me with information from 4 different representatives yet I haven't received anything. I'm currently sitting on hold once again for 30 min now for what must be my 10th inquiry. If this issue is not resolved I will be seeking aid from outside sources as this has become more than just an issue about a promotional gift but the integrity of a shady company and its employees that more or less seem to be trained to feed false information. Update: call went through and the latest service rep has informed me that I do not qualify to receive a promotional gift then 5 min later after arguing the fact he states AGAIN that the tv is out of stock. This is absolutely unbelievable.

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Community Power User

The forums are made up of normal people like you and me. We have no knowledge or inner workings of Telus, account related issues or promotional offers given to customers. Your only option in this case is to speak to someone at Telus. I understand you've been going in circles and becoming frustrated. Generally it's 4-6 weeks from installation, and at times they've run out of stock. Which can cause a longer delay in receiving one. Not sure why there would have been a huge delay in your case or now you don't qualify for the Promotion.


@dru any insight you can find out?

Thanks for informing me that this is just a community forum as I wasn't aware. I have been given a different excuse from every rep, only now has it circled back to "out of stock". I've currently been on hold for 2 hours waiting to be connected to a manager and just got through to be told the tv is on back order again for another 4-6 weeks and then even after its in stock I will have to wait another 2-6 weeks for delivery if that even happens. I've never been so frustrated with a company in my life.

Also I apologize if it sounds like I'm ranting though I suppose at this point that's all I can accomplish here other than hoping someone with authority or connection to an Indidual in that position sees this.

No need to apologize for your frustrations. I do know that they switched Brands they offered a while back, which may have contributed to longer delays while getting stock. The promotional giveaways usually generate a high amount of units to distribute for new customers.


I mentioned if @dru can look into this for you in my previous post.. So hold tight and see if he can get someone to follow up with you. 


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Community Manager

@Dylanthompson Hi Dylan, I sent you a private message. Thanks!


IMHO Telus should start offering a free UHD for 2-yr term promo if they insist on ramming 4K upgrade down our throats.

I did not know promotional material and advertising is forcing someone to upgrade to 4K? A consumer has their own choices on what they wish to purchase.


Sounds like a good place for an "Idea" to be suggested. Mention it here.


Back to the topic on hand. Smiley Happy

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CPU Alum

@Dylanthompson wrote:
Update: call went through and the latest service rep has informed me that I do not qualify to receive a promotional gift then 5 min later after arguing the fact he states AGAIN that the tv is out of stock.

Did they explain why you do not qualify for the gift?

Hey Dylan
I know this was over a year ago but I was wondering if you ever received the tv? We’re in the same position, it’s been over 8 months now. We had one manager who finally said it would be sent out then the next week he no longer worked there and apparently didn’t pass along any information. So had to go through it all again with another manager who’ve we’ve repeatedly emailed (weren’t given his direct line) and have had absolutely no response. Not sure where to go next. Spent hours on hold, speaking with customerservice and still nothing. Paying all this money for HD 4K tv programming which are completely useless on our outdated tv. Even got the free 4K Netflix trial which had to be activated in a certain amount of time.
Feels like such a scam to get customers. So many promises made with no follow through.
I’m thinking the only next step is filling a complaint with bbb.
Sorry to go on and on. I hope your issue was resolved.