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I'm looking to buying a new laptop and am looking @ the dell xps15 touch 4gen Intel core i7 processor,anyone have any input on a good laptop,I won't support apple and have had good luck with my old dell desk top,the wife loves her Asus,but it's not 5g..just looking for info???


Community Power User
Community Power User
Depending where you look the reviews are OK but not great for the XPS 15 Touch. Asus I won't touch after the horrendous experience I had with one of their devices recently. The big question is what are you going to be doing on a laptop that will really need an i7 and 2GB of VRAM? Anything other than gaming, 3D rendering or CAD, would be better served by an i5. Also on a screen that small 4K is just overkill.

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