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How would every one feel if their land line was their only link to the outside world and it was down for 5 weeks.  Well that's where I'm sitting.  Have phoned in to get it fixed and getting the run around.  Oh, and one other thing, cell phones don't always work in some places in my area.  Seems that Telus doesn't care  about their customers like they say they do,  it all lies.

Where are you located?

Depending on the regulations of your area, you can contact the CRTC for help or enforcement. 


Ask a question or make a complaint


How to Make a Complaint About Your Telephone Service



If the repair to your line is more than just a quick patch and instead needs a major repair(trunk line), then things get complicated.


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If OP is in a remote location, the CRTC won't do anything. Some areas are so remote that it can take a long time for techs to get out. Especially if BC Ferries are involved or if they have to fly a tech in. Some people expect the level of service large cities offer but live in the middle of nowhere. 5 weeks with no dialtone means they are remote.

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