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Lagging, pixelation and PVR connectivity issue after Optik upgrade

Just Moved In
My tv boxes have all now received the new update. Although I love the new look, and find the font easier to read, I have had major issues with lagging, pixelation, or getting errors saying unable to connect to PVR in the middle of watching a recording, which 90% of the time I say okay, then hit resume and it starts playing again. Anyone else having similar issues?

Located in Red Deer, AB

Community Power User
Community Power User
Unplug and plug in your modem (power cycle) wait till it comes back “online”. Then do the same for the PVR and any other receivers you may have. See if that corrects your issue.

There is also a chance your PVR hardware (hard drive) maybe failing. If your PVR has to be replaced you will lose ALL recordings.

They’re not transferred to the new receiver, only the scheduled time/channel is. Just giving you the heads up.

It’s just a coincidence you updated and now have issues.