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Lag on new modem

Just Moved In

Hello all.  I've just switch to the new modem for a few days now  and since then I'm having the exact same issue.  My pc game would lag for 1-3 secs every now and then.  Last night while watching a stream movie with my wife it disconnected twice within an hour.  I had to reload to get it going again.   So far it's been nothing but frustration.  Now i really want me old modem back.  I never had an issue with it except the wifi was bad.


My gaming pc is directly connecting to one of the ethernet port.  I tried switching port, reset the modem it didn't help.  I also did a speed test and ping test result seems fine.  I don't know what to do at this point.  Maybe I should request for a modem replacement?


Community Power User
Community Power User

I have a T3200M and have none of the issues with gaming on PC or streaming that you have mentioned. With PC games it will really depend on which game you are using and where the server is. I've been dealing with games on Steam, EA and Ubisoft without issue. (ethernet) As well as streaming video from multiple sources. (ethernet and wireless)


Much more detail is required. Which games? Which servers? What are you streaming? Are other devices besides your gaming PC affected? Wired? Wireless?

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