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Just Signed up, but don't have all channels

Just Moved In

Hi there,


I just got my Optik TV installed.  I ordered the "Select" package. It includes all the Essentials, up to 71 HD channels and 6 theme packs.  


Now, i have a few questions.


Right now i see on my tv that I have 52 HD channels (so that is 20 fewer than 71 HD). 
I have 28 SD Channels total. 


So that is a total of 80 channels.  


So, im wondering where all my other channels are?  For the Essential package TELUS states that it includes over 126 channels, i would like to know if there is a list of all those channels somewhere? The "Select" package that I ordered says it includes up to 245 channels...and im only getting 80? Which includes my theme packs, so without those its even less...

I'm located in BC, New Westminster.

Any help is appreciated...


Thank you....


Community Power User
Community Power User

If it's a new install, some of the software provisioning may have gotten stuck / failed. Easiest is to call support. It happened on my install too. Wasn't too hard for them to fix for me.

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