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Junk email no longer has modified subject


Since September 2, the junk email I receive no longer has a modified subject, so I can't use filters to remove it from my inbox.  If I use Webmail I see that it was correctly filtered to the junk folder, but I prefer to use a POP client.  For now I have disabled "Include Junk folder messages", but I would rather have the chance to look over my junk email since it occasionally false positives.


How can I configure it to modify the subject of junk email, like it did last month?



I know this probably not the answer you are looking for but why not use IMAP? If you do, the Junk folder will appear in your client. My spam settings are managed from my account online, but Im a business customer so its probably different.

I have used IMAP in the past but found it annoyingly slow.  Perhaps I should try it again.  My spam settings used to be managed from my account, but that option has mysteriously disappeared.


I spent over an hour with technical support and finally was able to make the rep agree that the option was in fact no longer there.  She says she is going to get back to me.

I know Telus has removed a lot of features from the Classic Account Manager as they prepare to move everything to the new Account system. If you cant live with IMAP, your best bet is probably to call them.

I received a reply from a TELUS tech who contacted the "email team".  The reply is:  "Yes we no longer label emails as *TELUS Detected Spam*."


Not only have they removed a feature I used, which is annoying in and of itself, they didn't advise their staff of the change and actually left the configuration option in place so their techs thought they could apply it.