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Joining routers

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I have 5 routers and then the telus one spaning 12 achors of my farm land and it seems that when there linkex at surtin times there is no internet that can be accessed and other times there is... telus router is not in brige mode and so there inter conected threw port 1- port 1 router 2 and so onso all routers are spiderwebed out. Why is it i get wifi shotty and no hard line most of the time

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You have 5 routers + the Telus gateway and you're trying to cover 12 acres of land??? There are so many possible things that could be causing issues it's hard to even say where to begin. If you have merely connected each router to LAN1 on the previous one, and you haven't changed the settings on all of them, they could easily be fighting each other.


Some questions:

  1. First the important question: Why exactly are you needing wifi to cover 12 acres and what are you trying to do with it? This setup is not something you would usually ever see in a residential internet install. A commercial network with the proper hardware and configuration is more likely.
  2. Is it all flat farmland? Are there outbuildings? Any other obstacles? (trees, hills, etc) Is the land just a square or an odd shape?
  3. Where are each of the routers located? (in a building? indoors? outdoors?) How are they getting power?
  4. Are all the routers trying to use the same wireless SSID?
  5. How far apart are the routers and how long are the ethernet cables connecting them? Are the ethernet cables buried? (just in dirt? in a conduit?) Suspended in the air?
  6. Are you using plain indoor Cat5/6 ethernet cables or cables designed to be used outdoors? Ethernet cable runs are usually only rated for 100 meters max unless you go for some rediculously expensive cabling and hardware.
  7. Can you draw a map of your property and outline where are each of the routers located and any buildings?
  8. Are the routers merely operating as routers, and not repeaters / access points? That alone could cause issues.
  9. What are the makes and models of routers being used? Are you using any networking hardware designed for outdoor or large scale wireless use? Any mesh networking hardware?

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We are farm land and the farm hands need there own internet in there living quarters to log hours in the network drive yes there are obstcals trees only there ran with cat5E indoor outdoor grade ran to the individual routers there placed in the cabin and the campers all against a wall with no real metal or aluminam no the ssid have individual names pass codes and are running on mostly off channle 5 except the one i control my self there laying in the ground burried in a conduet pipe all but mine as its only just on ground at the moment till next week longist line of cat5e is 4oo feet line and thats to me. We have 2 low geade netgear they were what the other guy had on hand before he lost intrest in being the main teck on yhe farm.mine was bought brandnew all others were outdated and password protected so i cant get in to there interfaces.. and mine is a Dlink ac1750 dual band gigabit. ... im looking in to fixing what someone els started the set up for (all other routers other then mine are alot closer to the main hub...200feet at most

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Here is my suggestion, though @Nighthawk may have a better one:


  1. Connect Port 1 on the Telus Actiontec router to an eight port switch, which becomes the hub for the rest of your network.
  2. At each user's lodgings install an Access Point (eg. D-Link DIR 605L) which can easily be set up as an access point, rather than a router.


Note: long runs may require an intermediate device to boost the signal. 


Beyond that, you are looking at a commercial installation as previously suggested.



Option 2 - Access points

If you have Ethernet cable installed between the location of the Gateway / router supplied by Telus, and a better location in your home for a Wi-Fi access point, or have a number of devices you wish to connect to your wired network at a similar point, a wired Access point may be the best choice. My personal experience with D-link's DIR-605L indicates it is easily set up as both Wi-Fi and an Ethernet access points. The instructions are easy to follow, and it provides good speeds as it is connected by Ethernet to your network.
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@Zomoac :  You might get some success with a parabolic antenna to get to the living quarters. This 12km video may give you some inspiration.


To clarify, are you just trying to reach the living quarters?  How far is it on your property?  Or are you trying to have wifi on the entire farm?

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On a good day, most Wi-Fi routers can’t cover a city lot, and may have a radius of about 50 feet. You are expecting a lot of your routers, and mobile devices, if you expect reasonable coverage over the area you are trying to cover.


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