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I send emails in all the time and do not get any answers please answer this one.  Do you have any idea when High Speed Internet will be coming to Charlie Lake, BC?  We get told soon, soon, no date all the time.  There is a whole other community 5 minutes outside Fort St John to the North.  If you go into any other direction from FSJ you can get high speed the good tv everything just not us.  Please can you check into this and see or beg for me to get high speed internet out to Charlie Lake.''


Thanks so much''


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I seriously doubt anyone will be able to answer when that type of equipment will be installed in the area. The cost of shipping and installing the hardware, as well as tools & equipment, and the skilled installers needed etc will be extremely high. Most small remote communities get pushed far down the list of places to upgrade just for that alone.


If the entire community as a whole approached Telus you may get faster results. It's happened before when a small town did that. If not the odd individual requesting service would make it seem like there is nearly no demand. (When I say the entire community, I mean as close to EVERY household in town)

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