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There are areas of Quesnel, BC that do not have high speed internet service asnd are across the street from people that do. Can you explain why this is?

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TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

The key to understanding this is to know that internet coverage has a maximum range, and that range isn't line-of-sight or "as the crow flies" - it's the distance of the lines carrying it. If the lines to the people across the street don't follow the same path (and take a longer one) or don't originate from the same place as the people who have internet, they may be beyond the range of the internet signal. So as you're standing on one side of the street looking across at people that have internet wondering "why the heck can they get internet and I can't, when they're only 30m away?", the reality is that the lines carrying the signal may be travelling hundreds of meters more to your location.


On the plus side, TELUS Mobile Internet works on line of sight and offers great speeds through HSPA+ with pretty good coverage throughout the Quesnel area. Great alternative for anyone living without fixed-access highspeed.