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Internet randomly cuts out sometimes.

Just Moved In

 On random occasions our internet seems to completely cut out (wifi & ethernet). It doesnt happen all the time but it happens often enough to be an annoyance. I believe the internet light on the T3000 modem turns orange/yellow when this happens but I'm not sure if this is the case every time. Or the internet may not completely cut out, but the connection will be extremely poor, with a ping of upwards of 1000.


We've had telus technicians in before a while ago (before COVID) but it's never actually been fixed...


Honestly considering switching to a provider that offers cable because DSL (fibre optic not offered in our area) just seems so unreliable, especially considering how Telus cant seem to fix it.


I'm pretty much having the same problem on Internet 150 bonded. I was previously a Shaw Internet 300 customer and never had such issues. I'm seriously considering switching back, DSL is very unreliable for me.

we're having the same issue with purefibre