Internet "New Customer"


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Just wondering what a "New Customer" is, exactly?


Just not subscribed for 90 days?


Is it based on account holder's name? Phone number? Address?


If two people lived at a single residence, already have an existing account under 1 person's name and were to re-subscribe under the 2nd person's name, would the 2nd person be considered a "new customer"?



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New customer is havent had internet in like 90 days i believe
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I just went through this..... one measurement they use to assess whether you a new customer is whether you are willing to GIVE UP your CURRENT ASSIGNED PHONE NUMBER at that address.


If the answer is YES and you are willing to take a chance on a USED number that someone gave up because it was receiving too much SPAM or FAX line calls.  Go for it.


EDIT: Nevermind. Further research has solved the question from this reply.


Thanks for your help.