Internet always dropping, router reboot generally resolves?


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I’m on 25, no fibre available yet. Originally on 15, had same issue and was bumped to 25 because they thought it was bandwidth issues. Back to the same problem a month later, Optik TV dropping or lagging out for a few minutes at a time, internet outright going out and requiring a reboot. Have the T3200M router. Don’t have much in the house, security cameras that don’t go online unless we access them. Two iPhones, two iPads, three tv with no more than 2 ever on, two are on wireless boxes tho. Computers are never on. Have some smart Wemo switches. We don’t download anything but updates, problems never occur when we’re downloading. 


Im at a loss, is rebooting your modem all the time normal with Telus? Just did a reboot and 10 min later TV is out again. Argh. 

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Have you asked for or have they sent out a tech yet? If no, call them and book one. If you have already called in for help and there's a history then can check the line quite easily and get someone out if the problem is persistant. A reboot of the modem is a temporary fix at best if there are either line issues or hardware issues. 

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I never have to reboot my T3200m.  It's solid as a rock.  Maybe you have a bad one.