Internet Upgrade Failed & Now Phone Is Dead Too


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I was supposed to get an upgrade to my internet connectivity this morning.  That failed, and now I seem to stuck with a connection which is barely capable of giving me 0.08 mbps according to speedtest (when it loads at all).  

Then as of 4:30, my home phone service went dead.  I checked the line into the house, there is no dial tone on it. 

I have been trying to get this resolved through Tech Support all day, and nobody is getting anywhere near fixing these issues.  What the hell has to be done to get a tech out here to fix the problem?!?!?

... and yes, I'm a little frustrated ... 

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Well a tech cannot be arranged from here. Only with tech support. What did they say when you talked to them? Depending on your location, getting a tech fast may not be easy. Are you in a major city or smaller town?

If you have no dialtone, odds are the issue is not at the house. Depends on the upgrade you were getting. If you were on the new hardware already and it was just a profile change, that is usually done quickly and typically has no effect on the dialtone unless there were two separate issues and the loss of dialtone is something unrelated. If the profile change failed, that could give you the low speed like that but they can usually identify that and sort it quickly. If you were being moved from the old hardware to the new hardware they would have had to physically make a change at the neighborhood box or the central office depending on which one your connection comes from though in most cases that hardware is independent of that which provides dialtone.

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I'll be blunt, Tech Support has felt like they were trying to avoid doing anything concrete at every turn.  

The first guy I talked to tried to give me a story about how it was a provisioning issue and I would have to wait until midday today. 

The second person checked everything on their end and told me "it should be fine", and eventually scheduled a tech for mid-week.  (Not acceptable - this is a simple upgrade FFS)  So I asked for it to be escalated.  

A couple of hours later, I get a call from a different person and they spent the next 4 hours doing god knows what, only to decide at 5PM YYC to call a tech in.  (Needless to say "all the techs had gone home" by this point, and I now have neither phone nor working internet service)  

In theory, if the call I received this morning is correct, there should be a tech coming by this afternoon to fix both problems.  

As a customer service experience, this is unacceptable.  The upgrade going awry I could accept if they just reset everything to previous config, instead of leaving me with a connection that doesn't even run at 0.08 mbps.  Screwing my phone up on the way by and not being able to get a tech out was just icing on the cake.