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Internet Speeds Ridiculous

Just Moved In

I find it unbelievable that in 2017 I get 0.1 Mbps...that's right 0.1 Mbps internet speed, living 30 km away from Calgary. I had better internet speeds in 1997!!! If you are reading this...DO NOT go with Telus in Langdon, Alberta! Complete waste of money and even bigger waste of your time trying to get it rectified by their uninterested customer service.








Community Power User
Community Power User
Look into I believe it serves your area. As a previous poster complained about the lack of high speed internet there.

The downside of living in a small community. The high infrastructure costs to upgrade a town/city. Eventually all communities will be connected with Fibre. But a build out takes a considerable amount of time and investment. There isn't a quick way to get it done.

Community Power User
Community Power User

The internet speed could be a bit lower in a couple areas of the hamlet maybe, but not that low unless there is something noticeable causing it. What has tech support said so far? Has a tech ever been sent out?

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Friendly Neighbour

Unfortunately internet speeds in more rural communities is lacking.  The infrastructure costs in those communities are higher and unfortunately the customer suffers.  Distance from the Telus central office affects your speeds, as well as the quality of the copper wiring going into your house from the pole, and the inside wiring.  


My in-laws are in Wembley, AB, about 20km outside of Grande Prairie and are unable to get anything over 5mbit.  I've told them to consider moving over to xplornet or possibly Eastlink to get better speeds which may be an option for you as well. 


Telus internet has been rock solid for me but again, its all about the back end infrastructure.