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Internet Problems - Need Advice On Testing and Approaches with Support


Hi all,


I live in the Vancouver area and have the Telus Internet 15 service at home.  We've had Telus service for close to seven years, but in the last year, our Internet service has deteriorated significantly.  We regularly have service outages running between 5 minutes and 45 minutes.  I've had service visits twice that has seen them replace the DVR, the router, and the splitter box (whatever the little cable box is that your phone connects into).  The techs have all been good, but the problem still isn't resolved.  This morning we lost service for several hours, so I'm now keen to try to fix this for once and for all.  Here are a few bits of what I know of the problem:


- The original Telus rep was able to identify that there were issues with the line, and that there were drops in the signal.  Unfortunately, none of the subsequent techs who attended were able to identify any line problems, so we are at square one.


- We know the local switch is at capacity - we can't upgrade to a faster connection, and fibre optic is not available in our neighbourhood.  Apparently there just is no extra capacity in our area.


- The problem is with the line from Telus - when WiFi doesn't work, hardwired devices (AppleTV, etc.) connected directly to the Telus router also do not work.  This suggests to me that the problem lies before the router, but I don't have much of a way to test this.


- The Telus hardware is all replaced and up-to-date now, thanks to the helpful Telus techs who visited.


- Our network configuration is pretty simple - most devices hardwired into the router or an Apple Time Capsule, a handful on a WiFi-B network (thanks HP for a wireless printer that only has a 802.11b radio!) Signal drops affect WiFi through the Telus router and the Time Capsule equally.


So what I want is to have reliable Internet service.  What I want is to hear from others is what I should do before contacting support again?  Just telling them 'the problem isn't fixed' doesn't seem to be working and I think I need to do some other things before I go back to them.  Are there tests I can run myself to try to identify signal issues?  I have been tracking outages, but that's not of much value with the techs who don't have access to logs to cross-reference.  


I would welcome any advice or suggestions, no matter how small, anyone might have as I try to problem-solve this.  Thanks all!


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Community Power User

It may be the line outside your house is the culprit. I had a bad connection in the wiring at the underground wiring hub some years ago, and it was corrected by switching to another wire pair coming into my house. Once this was completed, I had no more problems.


I suggest that when you next contact Telus, that you specifically ask them to note on your Job Order a request frothy Tech to review your past jobs before coming to your home, so they are prepared to assess the line between their switch and your house (may take tow techs, one at each end). This way they are not spending time debugging what you have already has assessed and replaced.


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Thanks - these are helpful suggestions.  Am going to give them a call tomorrow and get another service ticket started.

Have an issue with TELUS internet service. After a thunderstorm, we lost internet service. Modems changed- a few replaced by TELUS. Since the storm, new modems start up with a fairly good internet access but always default to the GUI page-; Technicians are not able to resolve this.

Home TV & Phone lines are working fairly well- ALSO bundled with TELUS.

Any ideas why a modem will default to the GUI page after a few hours online?

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The modems default to the GUI page, or your browser defaults to the GUI page? Check and see if your browser has the GUI page set as its home page.
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