Internet Light Orange, reset not working




I am fin Richmond, BC. 


Got orange light from 4:00pm yesterday till now.


Tried all the resets and callled the support.


Have to wait until Friday night for onsite inspection .


Any other suggestions to fix?

Community Power User
Community Power User
Unfortunately if you’ve tried resetting your modem and refuses to come back online. A TELUS tech will have to locate the issue, be it a hardware failure or a problem with your service (line).

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I had exactly the same problem and called Telus. They arranged for a tech to come out the next day but the internet came back on the following morning. The tech checked everything out and everything was OK. He mentioned that one of their servers had gone down on Monday and that was likely the cause of the outage.


Good for you.


It has been 2 internet.


And since I dont have time from 9-5 so I have to wait until Friday for on-site inspection.