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Internet Jack Upstairs Doesn't Work

Just Moved In
I moved in to my new place last week and I called the Telus moving representative to change my address and to cancel my home phone service (everyone in my family uses cell phones, so no need to pay extra)

The call went smoothly and the person who helped me was very polite and professional. He got my internet running in 24 hours time.

The problem that I have now is that my internet works on the main floor, but when I try plugging in the router and modem upstairs (where there's both a telephone jack and a Ethernet/phone jack), it doesn't work.

Now I know for sure that the upstairs jack isn't broken because when I first got to the new house and before calling the Telus moving representative, I tried plugging in the router and modem upstairs to check if there was internet and it was working (the family who lived here before us didn't change their address yet. That's why there was internet available).

So I called the representative for a second time to ask why the upstairs jack doesn't work, and she said that it's probably deactivated and she'll send a Telus technician over to help me this Thursday.

I have a few questions for you guys:

Is there any way I can get the upstairs jack to work before the technician gets here?

Is the reason why the upstairs jack doesn't work is because I cancelled my home phone service?

What exactly will the technician do when he gets here?



In the demarc on the side of your home, (if a Tech came to your home to install/activate service) the Tech may of put in a POTS splitter. It sends the DSL signal to a dedicated outlet. It removes the need to have DSL filters on each phone.


With you being on a dryloop, the POTS splitter could be removed, or the Tech can wire in your upstairs outlet for the Telus Gateway to plug into instead.


The other alternative is to put a splice block in your demarc, allowing for two outlets to be able to be used for the Telus gateway(only 1 gateway used at a time).  Thats if you are inclined to move your Gateway around the house.


Another possibility is if there was 2 pairs coming into the home(2 service). One was deactivated.

Community Power User
Community Power User

I'm more curious about the ethernet jack. Is it an actual ethernet jack you can plug a network cable into? If yes, do you know where the other end of the line running to that ethernet jack is? If it's near where the modem was installed originally, that could be a bonus for you.

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