Internet 50 Speed really slow


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It's been happening over a week ago - just getting on the internet takes about 5-7 seconds. Here's my speedtest:Untitled.png

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Have you called Telus yet? If my speed was that slow, I'd have called right away. Even with 10mbps, it still shouldn't take 5-7 seconds to load the internet. Webpages are relatively small and would load easily on 10mbps.


Which modem are you using?

Are you wired or wireless?

How many devices in the house are affected? Just one or all of them? (PC, tablet, phone, etc)

Do you have Optik TV also? If yes, is it working?

If you restart your modem (not reset), does the speed go back up to 50?

How often does this occur?

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If your internet 50 is delivered over a bonded connection ( 2 DSL lines used) It could be a issue with the lines. Avoid bonded connections, they are very problematic.