Internet 50/10 is only 23/8


I am paying for Internet  50/10 and only getting 23/8 speeds for last two months,

since signing up for TELUS Internet.

Ping times are reasonable 30/40 within Province from Prince George, BC

Roughly double that for rest of North America.

Don't like paying for something that I am not getting.

I am no expert to fix it, and TELUS service is impossible to get through to.

Not good.


Community Power User
Community Power User

If you have a problem with your service reach out to Telus via Facebook, Twitter, Live chat (Bottom right corner of the page) or by phone 1-888-811-2323. If you call, earlier is better as after 9am things become quite busy.


Have you tested speeds with a Wired connection or just Wireless? Your speeds are not normal for 50/10.


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