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Internet 150, but slow uploads even with hardwired connection

Just Moved In

Wondering if any one has ideas on what could be the issue with my slower upload speeds.


I went to fiber and got internet 150 on October 31. Since getting fiber, i've been running a number of tests on both wifi and hardwired connection.


From October 31 until November 12, i was receiving download/upload speeds on both wifi and hardwired of around +170/170 mbps.


But sometime around  4pm on November 12, the upload speeds on both wifi and hardwired connection significantly dropped to only 44% its max capabilities. I consistently get download/upload speeds of  +150/66 mbps. Going from +150 --> 66mbps on upload is a significant drop.


I thought it may have been due to a migration issue on the back end - since a tech i had indicated the first contractor had forgot to call in the migration - but thats a long story), so i did call Telus tech support to see if they can verify if everything on the back end was migrated or programmed correctly. Today they phoned me back to confirm that there no noticeable issues on the back end with my account.


What could have changed within a day that would have caused such a significant drop in upload speeds?? Nothing was added to my network. Could it be the modem itself? the ONT? my ethernet cable?


I currently use a T3200M and i also have a Web6000q extender.


Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks


Having same problems on xbox one speed test internet 150, getting 100 download and under 20mbps upload, some one on forums said that Normal but I don't think so..

Kief, speed tests on Xboxes are nearly always worse than the speed you get on a hardwired computer. You just posted your initial comment about the Xbox and never responded after that. If you really are concerned, kindly go back and reply to your original discussion rather than posting to another that is not related to your issue.

If you find a post useful, please give the author a "Like" or mark as an accepted solution if it solves your trouble. 🙂


I had similar issues back in the spring with both ethernet and wifi. Had a tech come out and change out both my extender (Web6000q) and router (T3200m), once he exchanged both devices my network returned to 150+ mbps. Maybe you have a bad device?


I have noticed the exact same thing with my account. No changes made, but a drop in upload speed by over half, and in increase in ping.


I am part of the SamKnows test team, and my account was solid until November. Then things started to change, despite no changes to my account, hardware, home situation. I have power cycled my T3200M and the Alcatel-Lucent Fibre ONT. And all to no avail. Help! 


Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 06.49.28.png

I am having the same experience (150 fiber, hard-wired machines, SamKnows participant, mid November drop in reported speed). I have also power cycled all devices with no improvement. Tech support at SamKnows is working with me to troubleshoot, but so far no success.


I do find that testing against with a hardwired computer returns results showing the speed drops, but any other speedtest site I try shows that the connection is good:


SamKnows ( test #1: Latency: 147.2ms, Download: 40.5Mbps, Upload: 67.9Mbps (Telus Calgary server): Latency: 1ms, Download: 176.52Mbps, Upload: 177.45Mbps
SamKnows ( test #2: Latency: 149ms, Download: 61.6Mbps, Upload: 65.7Mbps Latency: 10ms, Download: 150Mbps, Upload: 250Mbps Latency: 79ms, Download: 176.6Mbps, Upload: 40Mbps (CenturyLink Spokane WA server): Latency: 24ms, Download: 177.94Mbps, Upload: 170.48Mbps
SamKnows ( test #3: Latency: 150.4ms, Download: 40.1Mbps, Upload: 69.7Mbps Latency: 31ms, Download: 160Mbps, Upload: 133Mbps




I forgot to indicate that the only Telus supplied hardware I am using is the Alcatel fiber modem; no extender and no Telus supplied router (I'm using an Asus router instead).

Any improvement @LeSmudge ? Speeds have been all over the place for me during the holidays. The last 60 days have been pretty paltry in terms of performance consistency, but thankfully the spotty "wifi" connection issue resolved itself. A week or two later, I received an email from TELUS on Dec 20 noting, 


"We understand that you may have been experiencing issues with your internet or Wi-Fi connection, which may have required that you restart your modem.
To provide you with the best internet experience, we remotely performed a system update to your internet modem. This upgrade will address these performance and connectivity issues. No action is required by you for the changes to take effect.
Here are some of the improvements you should notice:

  • Improved internet reliability and performance
  • Consistent device connectivity, to enjoy your favorite online activities uninterrupted
  • No more lost connections"Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 06.35.31.png




No improvement yet. I have also not received any email from Telus as you did.

Seems to be fixed since about Feb 4th. No word from either Telus or SamKnows about what the cause was.