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Internet 100

Just Moved In

Hello, just wondering when Telus Internet 100 will be available in the Kelowna BC area, and what will the installation be like, currently have Optik tv with Internet 50.



Internet 100 usually requires changes on the backhaul to allow those speeds. It's called Converged Edge.

A Generalization in the promo.

The fibre will terminate inside the home into an ONT(optical network terminal) that is plugged into a power source outlet.  Plug a CAT6 Or CAT5 cable into it, which will go to the Telus Gateway WAN port(is only in routed mode) or your own router.


Using your own router is easy for subscribers of Internet. With Optik TV, you need a more current router than can deal with multicast. Multicast can flood your wireless network with packets and crash it. Multicast filtering is much needed.