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Internet 100 - Edmonton


I know this is a sore topic of discussion for the many TELUS customers that are still stuck on VERY slow internet. (sorry)


I'm currently in a GPON area and am having a difficult time getting answers as to when my area will be upgraded to in the community of Terwillegar in Edmonton.  Does anyone have any more solid answers?  I'd like to get Internet 100 sooner than later.


Thank you in advance.



Hi there,

We cannot say for sure when the area will be upgraded. Once the upgrade is complete, we do our best to reach out to customers in the area to advise that they can increase their Internet speeds. Please stay tuned for updates!

When I was considering switching to Shaw back in January, the Telus REP I spoke to told me they would be announcing Internet 100 within a few weeks (as this was my main reason for wanting to switch to Shaw). I still haven't seen a single word about it.

in order to offer 100mpbs service on GPON, you ONT needs to be on the Converged Edge network. We are in the middle of  converting GPON ONT to the Converge Edge network. So its coming eventually.

I had my Internet 50 installed in March and was told it would be online within weeks.  4 months later, still nothing.  The poor CSR's are tired of hearing from me.  I'll make a solid attempt to be patient but Shaw keeps calling with a promotions if I switch back.  Decisions, decisions...