Intermittent ipv6 connectivity after upgrading to fiber in North Vancouver


Intermittent ipv6 connectivity after upgrading to fiber in North Vancouver

I just upgraded to fiber from DSL and got swapped to a T3200m modem as well. I am still getting an ipv6 address (real 2001:569:...)however, routing of ipv6 is no longer working. Windows responds "Destination net unreachable" when trying to ping any valid ipv6 address. I am able to ping the link local and ipv6 address of the T3200m. On the T3200m, using the ipv6 ping test page, all internet addresses are timing out as well which leads me to believe there's an issue in the core network. I've rebooted both the ONT (Nokia) and T3200m but the same problem persists.


Ipv6 was working fine on DSL, and it has intermittently worked in the 36 hours or so that I've had fiber but it seems more down than up. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Any next troubleshooting steps?



As an update, I have spoken to our network team and there is indeed a vendor specific difference of opinion in how the RFC is handled to maintain an IPv6 default route. Without getting into specifics, the Actiontec T3200M drops the route after 90 minutes in certain areas of North Van. There is a firmware update scheduled in the next 6 months to resolve this, unfortunately I do not have a specific date.


Workaround: Replace the Actiontec T3200M with Actiontec T1200H. This will not drop the IPv6 route.

Caveat: This older Actiontec gateway has slower WIFI and uses HPNA over Ethernet, not MOCA like the current 3200M does. If you have TV services using the coax cable in your house, this solution will break the TV aspect of the service.


If this works for you and are ok with the caveats, please reach out to the support team via the chat and mention this post. We will send out a  gateway pro bono to you by mail or by technician depending on availabilities. The agent can reach out to me specifically if they need clarification. They will check the network to see if you would be impacted and advise accordingly.

Updates are pushed to the gateways either via schedule or when a factory reset is performed so without a specific date known, would recommend a manual firmware update from time to time to see if a new one has been released. 


If you have any success with this workaround, please post an update here.




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