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Info about the Advanced Wi-Fi modem


So I noticed that with the new Internet 150/150 plan, you get a new Advanced Wi-Fi modem that has AC Wi-Fi built in. I was wondering, does this moem have a coaxial connection built in to connect to Optik TV devices? If not, I was wondering if the wireless digital boxes still require that extra acces point anymore, since I have 2 TV's in rooms that don't have Ethernet access.


I was also wondering if the 150/150 plan still includes Wi-Fi plus since it seems that the modems can never be placed in the center of any household.


TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi Rydwag,


For the Internet 150 plan the WiFi modem has built in coaxial connection at the back which is called HPNA port. That port is used to connect the PVR or the main TV box. The wireless digital box always requires wireless access point to receive wireless TV signal from the modem. If the Modem cannot be installed on the center of your house most likely it needs to have WiFi plus to brodcast the wireless signal on your house.



If you're referring to the new T3200 it does have a coax port but it supports MoCA. I'm not sure if that also supports HPNA or not.

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Hi Nighthawk,


Sad to say the new T3200 MoCA is not compatible for HPNA since it was designed for 4K PVR boxes. 



With 100Mbps plans.... my T3200 is "Ethernet connected" to the PVR.  So for 150Mbps.. it's done differently?

Hi XL,


If your using ethernet connection for your PVR its going to be the same if your going to upgrade to 150mbps.