ISP Offer IPv6 Connectivity?


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AHHH,  I FOUND MY ISSUE, there is a bug in tomato when QOS is applied IPV6 has problems, applied a script and fixed it!!!!

now to try to get to work on ER-X....



Ya I realize ULA would make things easier, however everything having its own publicly accessible address was one of my main reasons for deploying IPv6 in the first place.

I know it CAN be done with scripts, powershell can change DHCP pools and I can invoke PS scripts from other scripts on my router, it just seems like there should be an easier way...


does anyone on here own any UBNT edgemax devices? IPV6 setup on EdgeOS via CLI would be much appreciated


bingo got it

here is config for working IPV6 on edgemax


@Kolby_G How did you get this working in your mikrotik? I've got a mikrotik setup on my bridge port of the actiontec and I want to grab a ipv6 address from the wan... I am only starting out with IPv6 so plz bear with me. 😄  I can get the prefix bound but just not the address.....


@Tjopsta Here are the steps I've taken in my test VM lab. I still haven't rolled this out to any of the prod networks in my house and haven't really played with this in about 6 months. It appears to work fine, I have a lot of testing to do still before I can start using this on my main networks though.


1. Create a DHCPv6 Client


You can choose anything for the pool name


2. Create a new address under IPv6 > Addresses


Choose the pool you created in the last step, and pick the interface your client computers are connected to. Make sure "Advertise" is checked. The address box will be the interface address, I just picked ::1/64, this will automatically change to the correct external one once you hit OK.


That *should* be all you have to do to get external access working. That's really as far as I've gotten. I had other projects I've been working on and haven't had much time to play around with this lately. Let me know if you run into any issues and I'll try to help.