IPv6 not working (Vancouver, Business PureFibre) - debugging with tcpdump etc


Has anything changed with regard to "static" IP addresses and IPv6?


I recently signed up for Telus Business ADSL and was planning on upgrading to Business Fibre for the primary purpose of hosting development web servers on ports 80 and 443. I was under the impression that Business plans had these ports open but was told by support last night that I would need to switch to a "static" IP plan in order to have these ports unblocked. From what I understand, the "static" plans are actually just DHCP plans with reservations so I am somewhat confused why the change would affect IPv6 functionality.


Looking through this issue I am somewhat concerned that if I switch to a "static" plan I will lose IPv6? This is also necessary for web development work since several cloud providers hand out IPv6 addresses for free but charge for IPv4 addresses.


Any new information would be greatly appreciated.

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Unfortunately no. 

A move to a static IP service will indeed unblock those service ports, however there will not be a service configuration for IPv6. We do indeed have it on the roadmap just without specific timelines. Wish I had better news.


Wow, just want to post that this is exactly what I've been running into.  I switched from residential Internet 150 (which had both IPv4/IPv6 working perfectly - but dynamic) to get a static IPv4 address.  I then spent the next few days with Telus support and could not get IPv6 working.  I found the same things when debugging ipv6 dhcp - I can see my PD solicit messages being sent on the interface - but never see any return traffic.


A couple of comments:

1.  I'm using a Cisco ISR - so same commands as mentioned at the beginning of this thread.  They do indeed work fine - as long as you don't have a static IPv4 allocation on your account.

2.  I've been told the ONT's ports can be to provision additional 'services'.  Is there anyway Telus could provision a 2nd internet connection on another port - and ONLY allow IPv6 (as a stop-gap until other avenues are resolved)?  As the thread author - I want IPv6 for testing/development - but to me static IPv4 is more urgent at this point.  Come on Telus, it's 2018! - the future is friendly IPv6!

3.  Add me to the list of accounts wanting an 'IPv6 server' option!   I'm hoping this 'static IPv6' is still a /56 PD instead of a /64.  I like the /56 PD allocation as I can split that down into various /64 and use them as I want - behind my router/firewall.



TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hey nooternal.

I'm pretty sure you chatted with our tech support team the other day as I had an agent reach out and ask a question on this topic. 

I'll add your account to the list of folks expressing interest for IPv6 over static IP plans. So far, it is still in single digit territory. This is a hot topic.  


Just signed up for Telus Business 300 with Static IP, installation was today, and after finding that IPv6 does not pick up an address via router advertisements I found this thread. Is IPv6 still not supported? I need the Static IP because I'm running Email and Web servers.






Just banged my head against the wall for an hour wondering why neither dhcpcd nor wide-dhcpv6 could seem to get an IPv6 delegation and found this thread.  Created an account here just to reply.  Smiley Happy


So, without further ado:

- Telus business 300/300

- static ip package


Would love to also have static IPv6 ability.


Aug 13 19:21:29 void dhcpcd[47499]: em0: soliciting an IPv6 router
Aug 13 19:21:30 void dhcpcd[47499]: em0: soliciting a DHCPv6 lease
Aug 13 19:21:42 void dhcpcd[47499]: em0: no IPv6 Routers available  <- d'oh.



I figured I would add my voice to this as well. Business account with static address (which we need), and would love to have IPv6 with that.


Hopefully, we can get the number of people asking for this into the double-digits, then there will be dozens of us asking for this!

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

We have a few people subscribed to this thread, thanks for the input!