I want to Change modem channels. How do I find what other wireless networks are using what channels?


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Here are the instructions on how to find what networks are on what channels:


For Windows: 1) Open the Command Prompt

2) Type "netsh", then press Enter

3) Type "WLAN", then press Enter

4) Type "show all" (two words), then Press Enter


For MAC:

1) While holding down the command key click on the airport icon

2) Hover the mouse over each network to obtain the details on it


If you have a smartphone with wifi capabilities there are apps for that.  I use wifi analyzer on Android.


Also, you should be aware that most wireless routers (access points) are setup with "auto" setting for channel assignment.   This implies that the channels assignment can and will change over time.  So what you think is a free channel today may not be free tomorrow