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I rebooted my digital and modems, now my recordings option disappeared??

Just Moved In


By 'disappeared', do you mean you cannot access your recordings, or when you press record it doesn't work, it's saying it's unavailable, or pvr is not connected to the network?


If that's the case what you need to do is a sequential or staged reboot, which could be done by:


  1. Unplugging all digital boxes from the power, leave them like that.
  2. If you have a black box with silver rim and 2 antennas: Unplug modem from power for 10 secs, then plug it back in and wait for it to work (have both dsl and internet light). 
  3. If you have a silver box with an antenna and another small black telus box: Unplug silver box from power leave it like that. Unplug small balck box for 10 secs then plug it back in, wait for it to have all 4 lights then plug in the silver box and wait for that to have the internet light.
  4. Look for the main digital box or the pvr (look for 430 label underneath power to confirm), plug it back to the power, wait for the tv to start working, try viewing your recordings there.
  5. Power up all remaining digital boxes. Wait for them to work and try accessing your recordings. Give the box 2 mins to load them up if it will say that they are still unavailable.
  6. If all else fails call tech support @ 310-MYTV

Hope this helps.