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I need a good(?) reason to cancel the contract

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I want to cancel the 2 year contract (7~months left), due to the internet keeps dropping.


The internet service has been dropping whole day today.

It was like once~twice a day, which i am already pissed off.


Today, since 9am, none of the connections last longer than 30mins.

The help line can not give anything helpful, so please don't ask me to call them again.

In the past 3 months, they changed the moden twice, not help a bit.

Yes, you can complain the house is too old and all the cables are done.

I am going to take the risk to switch to shaw.


I tried to disable wifi,unplug everything, same thing even there are only 3 things usings the internet.

(TV, Phone, and one computer)



i did balme this zomg fooking good quality of internet, but they still ask me to pay for early termination.


I gave up around 2pm....then i came back home around 9:15.

Superise never ends.

Oh well, thanks to telus that I dont need to work.


I am too satisfy at the service, so i am going to take a screenshot evety time it disconnects from now on.

2014-10-04 21_19_44-Actiontec - Internet Explorer.png2014-10-04 21_45_20-Actiontec - Internet Explorer.png2014-10-04 22_11_02-Actiontec - Internet Explorer.png2014-10-04 22_21_47-Actiontec - Internet Explorer.png

2014-10-04 22_36_38-Actiontec - Internet Explorer.png2014-10-04 22_51_47-Actiontec - Internet Explorer.png

2014-10-04 22_55_35-Actiontec - Internet Explorer.pngThere is a missing one at 11:02.

2014-10-04 23_06_54-Actiontec - Internet Explorer.png2014-10-04 23_28_44-Actiontec - Internet Explorer.png

I am going to do another reset.....


2014-10-04 23_48_38-Actiontec - Internet Explorer.png


--Reset to factory default

Too many disconnection between 12~12:20


2014-10-05 00_32_41-Actiontec - Internet Explorer.png


Done for the day....



Community Power User
Community Power User
I had a similar problem 2 years ago. After a few trials, the tech switched the telephone pair at the demarcation point, which fixed the problem.

Switching to Shaw would likely work, as they will install a new cable to your modem. Running a fresh telephone wire within, and possibly to your house might well correct your current connectivity problem.
As this is a discussion forum and not tech support, posting your screen shots does nothing to allow the folk here to offer support.
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Same here.... my 50yr cables were creating a short somewhere.... punched new hole and wire in 15 minutes.... no problems since.


Wireless Optik boxes and wifi means phone line does not need to be running from old location.


On your statistics page will show such things as SNR , Attenuation ,  FEC(forward error correction).


If the Tech(actual Telus Tech or Contractor) is only swapping out the gateway, he is doing a disservice to you. Failure to check any connections at the pole, Demarc and of course the DSL outlet you plug into, is bad service.


If its a windy day(or rain infiltration), have wires on poles and all  DSL provided services drops more during, well there's your answer.



 inSSIDer. If your Internet wireless is on and TV is not affected, but wireless internet signal is lost, you can scan for conflicting channels and change yours to another channel



Regular Phone does not use Internet(a VOIP phone uses Internet) .

Optik TV uses Internet.

Your screenshots show wireless on and 2 clients connected, but you state only one computer(If its not 2 wireless, it may in error mean one TV and one computer combined, on the Gateway). Turn off WPS(wifi protected setup) as its very easy to hack into.



Escalate problem. If this problem causes constant disruptions of TV signal, thats a pretty good excuse to cancel contract for no fee.


In case thats goes nowhere. The Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services

I am not asking for the reaon, more like, i dont care about it.

Damage has been done, and I see no reason that it will not happen again "soon".

*Last time is 3 months ago


All i want is terminated this damned contract due to this zomg fooking high quality service.



If you really want to help me, please let me know who or which department in Telus is willing to pay for my (company) loses.


Below is the story:

I was working last Saturday at home to do an update for one of my client.

Unfortunately, my company has a tied VPN security.

If i get disconnected more than 5 times in 30 minutes, GG.


The plan was simple:

finishing updating before noon, so they can start to test for the rest of the weekend, then go live on Monday.


This damned thing happend on last Saturday morning, so i couldn't do anything.

I give up calling the poor network admin to unlock my account around 1pm.

And decide to beg my manager to open the office for me so i can get some work done.


I finished it around 6pm, and my client didn't have enough time to finish the test before Monday.

The update is pushed back by 2 weeks.


Now they are coming back to me, saying this is not on the contract and is asking to billing my company a fine, a LARGE one.

The fine, the contract, the whole thing is negotiatable, and i have been working on it for the whole week.


The story is way uglier and longer by days, and more people are involved.

Community Power User
Community Power User
Telus' terms of service do not guarantee continuity of service, especially for residential service.

Businesses which have mission critical needs usually have a backup plan, either redundant connections (DSL and Cable or DSL and cellular) or other options. The option you eventually chose, of going to the office, was the one I would have exercised at an earlier time. Actually, when I'm on a tight timeline, I always use my employer's facilities to the furthest extent possible, as it removes a great number of confounding variables.

This may be an opportunity to assess your business continuity plan.
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