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How to put a static IP address on Xbox with t3200m and best route to use my own router. MTR questio

Friendly Neighbour

Hi.  Does anyone know how to do this.  My new router has lots of problems and when I reset it the application forwarding is randomly assigned to something else.  I am losing LAN ports too.  

So, Telus is going to come back and troubleshoot my system again.  I am not really happy with my upgrade to the dual lines and 3200.  If they agree to replace my router, which has been losing LAN lines and causing a higher ping (2 lines I was told will do this), what should I ask for.  We are have lots of wifi devices but usually we won't be doing anything greater than having one person streaming a movie an one person on the Xbox.

I am also getting *** on the second to last line on MTR/traceroutes from overwatch on battlenet.  I have port forwarded everything that is recommended for Overwatch and Xbox.  Firewall is NAT only and I can't think of anything else I can do.

sorry for the multiple questions



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Community Power User

@JayupNorth  Dual lines means you have a bonded service to acquire the "speeds" you receive. Myself i would use my own router and place the 3200 in bridge mode or go back to the T2200H that seems a lot more stable ( but would lose the new advanced WiFi features of the 3200). But if planning on using your own router then either or.


You really shouldn't have to port forward etc with an xbox as UPnP should have it all handled. All the ports the Xbox uses are common ports that are already open.


You're not alone with issues people seem to be having with the 3200. Being a fairly new product, there still seems to be some teething pains with it. Future firmware updates should help considerably.

Does bridge mode disable all the firewall/whatever the 3200 does and let the interwebs flow freely to the new router?  Also, since I'm losing LAN 1 fairly often should I insist on a new router?  Personally, I would prefer to supply all the hardware but I don't think that is an option.  I really notice when my Xbox is not in applications forward.  Is the *** or ??? On traceroutes and MTR on the second last step indicative of firewall or ? Issues?

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I have had nothing but trouble with this modem. I often lan with a friend on xbox one with two systems playing destiny. Our systems are constantly fighting over ports and we are unable to join eachother ingame. The solution rebooting until it works.... its taken 2 hours some days other times it works fine or after one reboot. Telus says its working as intended and wouldn't replace it or even offer a solution without the pay for technical service.

Friendly Neighbour

That sucks.  I've seen this issue on the Reddit Destiny forum too though, so it might be bigger than Telus.  You might want to search there.  I used to play Destiny a lot but red bar teleporting enemies in PVP finally made me quit.  I switched to Overwatch because lag was minimal until my Telus "upgrade".

we're having the same issues.  did you find any answers?


@JayupNorth wrote:

I am also getting *** on the second to last line on MTR/traceroutes from overwatch on battlenet.  ..

This is not a Telus issue honestly, if you saw it on first few hops it would indicate issue on their network but once it gets off there is nothing they can do about it. You could consider a proxy /vpn software and try to manually route around a node that is giving bad latency at any given time but doubt that it would be any use in your case. With the VDSL in Edmonton i was getting ping around 21-24 when I played Overwatch but haven't played this season (leans too much on teamplay for it to be fun for me). That said Telus actually upgraded the profiles for the VDSL here in Alberta and now the pings are even better than last month even. As you can see there are no issues here with latency, not fibre by any means but still no issues.



January 03 Telus 100Mbit

Friendly Neighbour

I'm jealous.  All ping tests have gone up by about 33% since getting the t3200m.  They have finally got my system more stable but ping times have never been resolved.

Friendly Neighbour

Go to your Xbox one network settings and give your Xbox an IP of say 150, save. Write down the mac address of your Xbox.


Open up your router settings in your browser, Advanced setup / DHCP reservation and fill out the information with the Xbox mac address and the same IP address you gave your Xbox, press apply.


Next go to firewall / DMZ hosting and enter your Xbox IP.  press apply

Restart the router and your Xbox and it should work perfect.