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How to Fibre and a switch = 2 WAN connections

So here it is :

Nokia fibre interface ( the white box)

Gigabit 4 port switch

Asus router

Actiontech 3200M

The bozo tech hooked up the TVs to 3200M at my friends house,

Said "you can use the switch to get your second router the wan ip your (every) residential agreement stipulates."

Friend has been busy with work, I've done it over cable modem and dsl since 97, but has anyone done it with fibre?

Has anyone done it yet?

According to pro IT guy, it should work,

With twisted pair / copper dsl , cable you request a seperate standalone modem and the wifi combo unit, then goto switch then to the 2 routers.

He said the Nokia is simply replacing the standalone modem, the ip are assigned at ISP network stack as always.instead of having to ask for the modem its included as a nokia .


Yes, there are numerous post on this forum about connecting the TELUS provided T3200 and user provided router to an ethernet switch that is then connected to the ONT.    Both routers will be assigned IP address by TELUS.   The T3200 is required to support TELUS TV and all TV devices should be connected to the T3200.