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How many DNS servers do you need?!?

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My home internet and cell phone both are attached to FOUR DNS servers, that connect automatically on my computer and phone whether I'm at home at work at home or at school,, 2001:568:ff09:10a::58, 2001:568:ff09:10a::114 are all listed under my DNS connections and if I delete them they just come straight back is this normal? Seems excessive


Community Power User
Community Power User
Historically there was a primary, and a secondary DNS server assigned your device. As IPv6 came into play, two more were added to match the new protocol. They aren't going away. seems more like your router's IP address than a DNS entry, though.
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They don't cause a problem as often a good DNS client will just try one at random per query, or use the first and skip to the second or third if it's down or not responding in time, etc.