How long should I stay on hold? Is Telus worth the wait?


I was told more than a week ago that a service man would be here to connect me up today, Aug. 6. No show and now I've been on hold with the call center for 2 hours. This is crazy!

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If you're getting new services hooked up. You should have received an email from Telus with the scheduled time and date of the install. A technician will call within his window of arrival to make sure you will be home.

On rare occasion a Telus tech may miss a install window. If unforeseen circumstances keep them at a job longer your window could be missed. The tech or Telus should have alerted you if that was the case.

Did you receive a confirmation email from Telus for this install?

Unfortunately Telus has had longer then normal wait times, before speaking to a representative. However when you finally reach them, they will get to the bottom of what happened. Perhaps you mixed up the date?

Post a reply when you found out what happened. I can assure you this is not the norm with Telus.

Have a great evening.

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I have recently moved into a condo in Lloydminster, AB. Television and internet service
would make my stay here more pleasant. Because I already deal with Telus (with 
home phone and mobile), I thought it would be appropriate to ask Telus for the 
above. I called and started the process on the 17th of January, was told to wait
until further checks were made and would be called with an update the following 
day. No call came through so I called to enquire. Still no definite answer but 
was guaranteed service the following day. I waited. On Monday I called again, 
this time I would not stop enquiring until I got a definite 'yes' or 'no'. Could
not get that in the morning, called later that day and was more insistent. 
Finally, after being put on hold several times the answer came back that the 
building where I am staying did not have enough space to accommodate a Telus 
connection, too bad for me. Shaw hooked me up the following day. I am writing 
this letter in frustration, not that Telus could not accommodate but the fact 
that the people involved did not go to the residence and establish inability to 
provide service prior to all the inconvenience of waiting and numerous phone calls on my
part (a week). These calls were made during work hours which is taking me away 
from my responsibilities. Please look into this matter and impress upon your 
employees that Telus offers a service and we should be looked after promptly, 
whatever the outcome would be.

We have been waiting on the phone....... all day,.... every day for 10 days. no response from Telus. Sold us an install and Optic TV, took the money, and gave us nothing but grief and frustration in return.

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@FrankSandy   your post has been answered here. Keep your discussion there as it's not the same issue as the previous posters problem.

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OK since I have got my telus tv installed I have been unable to watch it ( three months or so) it keeps cutting out every ten seconds or so . And I work out of town so every month I have tried calling about it and am just put on hold for more then an hour everytime. I can't just sit there all day hopefully to get through. This is very frustrating since I'm paying for this and I can't even get through for someone to help. Is there another option then calling? cause I'm about done with this.
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The 'Contact Us' link at the bottom of the page gives a number of options including chat, email from the 'My Account' section, Facebook or Twitter, in addition to calling.

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