How do you get the cable box to turn up the volume?


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Each time I hit volume it turns up only the TV volume not the box volume. 

Thank you. 

Community Power User
Community Power User

The only way to get it to control the box volume is to reset the remote. That will mean you'll have to program it back to work with your TV also. It's fairly easy. Once reset, you'll be able to control the box volume. The maximum is 25.

Reset your Slimline remote

You can return all advanced functions back to their original factory settings by resetting the remote.

   1.  Press options for a minimum of 3 seconds, the mode light will flash twice.
   2.  Enter the code 1000; the mode light will flash twice. The reset has been completed; the remote is set back to the original factory settings.

As for re-programming it to work with your TV, go here >

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