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How do I verify a used Telus Satellite Receiver?

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I want to buy some used Telus Satellite Receivers from someone on Kijiji. I phoned Telus and asked if they could verify if they were in good standing (ie not rentals that were never returned). I gave them the CAID number - no luck. They said I needed the smart card number too, so I gave them that as well - no luck. They then said I needed the S/N number. The receivers has a sticker on it with CAID number (starting in R00), a Smart Card number (starting in S224), an Main Board Serial number (starting in RB01) and some other unknown number with UPC bar code (starting in RBHVH). It had no S/N number though. Questions: Where can I find the S/N number (Models 6400-G2 and 9241T)? Can Telus actually verify if these used receivers are in good standing, and if so, what product numbers do they need? Any help would be much appreciated - thanks!

Community Power User
Community Power User
All you need is the receiver number (R00#) and smartcard (S#) number. Let the Telus agent know you're looking to purchase some used receivers. An just need to verify they're clear to be activated.