How do I sign up for TELUS Internet & TV to get all the online offers? (Free LG4kTV & 200$ credit)


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So normally this should be super straightforward but I find it utterly confusing.

Basically I go here:
And I press get started. However once I put in my address I get redirected to a different pure fibre page where I also have to check my address a second time. And if I continue with that pure fibre page there's suddenly no more information anywhere found about any free TV or 200$ credit, or 2 year term up. And after I had to deal with the Bell support not long ago ... I'm simply very cautious before submitting an order when I'm not 100% certain. 


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Telus offers fewer, if any, bonuses with their PureFibre product. Instead, you gather points towards future gifts, etc., based on your monthly expenditure on services.


The TV, etc., are offered with their copper-based Internet, which likely explains what happened when you entered your address, and are in a Fibre community.


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Pure Fibre also starts out heavily discounted as well which I believe is one other reason why the offers from copper plans don't apply.

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