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How do I return an old wireless router?

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I received a replacement Telus wifi router a few days ago, and I'd like to send back the old one. When I spoke to the Telus rep who arranged to send us the new router, he said the new one would have a pre-paid return box to send back the old one, but that doesn't appear to be the case.


What should I do with this old one now?




CPU Alum
CPU Alum

I was told to put mine in the old box and take it to post office.  I took it the post office and they said... "huh".


I'm holding onto my modem just in case they come asking for it.  Otherwise, I would love to hand it over to my local electronics recycling center.  Shame.... Telus's Burnaby office is just a 5 minute drive from my place.


The box you received the new router in should be the same box you can use to send back your old router

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hello davemmett,


Just to ensure you know, any device other than an Actiontec or ZyXEL gateway does not need to be returned - the rest of the gateways are being put out to pasture, so if you return it, we'll just be recycling it. If you're not sure what gateway you have, this page has a selector tool with a name and picture at the bottom:


If you're just trying to be environmentally conscious and keep it out of a landfill, you can also return it to any electronics recycling centre. This includes Encorp ( or any London Drugs location (


If you do need or want to return the gateway to TELUS, any Canada Post outlet is equipped to accept the return. Just tell them you have equipment to return to TELUS and they will have a way bill for you to fill out. Note, though, that it does have to be packaged adequately for shipping. If the box your new gateway arrived in is a suitable size, that would do fine. So that we know where the old gateway is coming from, please include a note with your name and account number in the box (we recommend just a photocopy/printout of the first page of your bill, but it's really the account number we need).


Hope this helps!





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I am starting a class action lawsuit against Telus for not taking back their old router and having the audacity to charge me $300 without providing any goods or services for a $40 piece of electronic junk.


If you want to settle out of court contact me immediately.  You have just been served.



Looks like the trolls are out early this evening.

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Please read the post 3 posts previous to yours for all the information you need to return your modem.


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Right From the horse's mouth:


  1. Call TELUS to change or cancel the rental equipment at 310-2255. If your billing address is not the address where you would like the return kit to be delivered, please inform the representative
  2. Within 1-3 business days you will receive a return kit that includes a shipping box(s) and a postage paid tracking sticker
  3. Once you have received the return kit, pack your rental equipment along with any accessories such as power cords, remotes, and cables, into the provided box
  4. Tape the box shut with the provided tape. Peel and attach the included postage paid tracking sticker and use it to cover the existing tracking sticker on the outside of the box
  5. Return the box to your nearest Canada Post outlet and mail it back to TELUS at no charge (locate the nearest Canada Post outlet). Be sure to keep your Canada Post receipt as proof of return and to track the package

ps.  to all you wannabe problem solvers:  If you don't know - don't post!