How do I get telus Internet 15 to work efficiently? Tv always skips and web is SO slow?


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My telus Internet is horrendous and has been since I started with it July 31 any tips on how to get it to work? They claimed once arriving at my home they couldn't provide me with Internet 25 but this one sucks I can't even watch a single show without it skipping or shutting off completely and forget browsing the internet it's sooooooooo slow and most times I can't even search and watch a show at the same time and no we don't watch HD because everything's even worse whenever we try.
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Hey! Are you using a wired or wireless connection?

If it is wireless, please check for disturbers in the residence and try changing the wireless channel through the router settings.


TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Mmacdonald, it definitely sounds like you're having some unusual service issues. I'd recommend getting a hold of a support representative. Visit for your options, though for issues such as this where some interaction will likely be required I'd recommend a chat or call.