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How can I easily block unwanted, incoming call numbers

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I'm recieving erepeated calls from unwanted spammers- how can I easily block these callers?


Community Power User
Community Power User

It differs a bit depending on the phone you are using. Care to share your phone model?

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If there is a limited number of phone numbers you are getting calls from then you could blacklist them. If the calling numbers are different each time then blacklisting won't help much. How you can blacklist depends on your phone OS and possibly the model as well.

On my OnePlus One which runs Cyanogen there is a blacklist I can maintain for blocking numbers either specifically or with a wildcard. Unfortunately I haven't been able to get the wildcarding to work. Blocking specific numbers does work but that doesn't help much as the calls come from different numbers each time.

On some phones you can also block a number by adding it to your contacts and blocking the contact. Again, not that useful if the numbers are different each time. **bleep** spammers.