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Horrible Customer Support

Just Moved In

Why are Telus so horrible as answering their customer support lines? First time I called it took 45 minutes for someone to answer. The second time, I gave up after almost an hour? This is surely not acceptable. 


Community Power User
Community Power User

Sometimes it is less than 5 minutes. Try calling first thing in the morning, before the line gets very long. Or try the Chat function.



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Seams that standard operating practice. I have outstanding damage issue on sat install and same problem. Not impressed..

Just Moved In

I have experienced the same problem.  I have spent many hours trying to get their customer support only to hear a constant recording that "your time is valuable"


Just Moved In

Horrible, horrible, horrible. Third-world horrible, inept, incompetent, ineffective customer service. 


I've been on the phone for ONE HOUR AND 30 MINUTES (90 MINUTES) getting passed from one agent to another.


All this to get a charge of $5.43 removed from my landline phone bill. It's not the charge, which is almost nothing, it's the principle.


I signed up with a prepaid deal with Telus in August where I would pay them on lump sum for a year and get no bills or charges for a year.


So the next month I get a bill for my voice mail. I spoke to someone on the other side of the world, and he said he would get that removed. But the next month, I got another bill, this one for my home phone. The deal was, you pay us a lump sum and your phone is paid for for a year. 


But apparently that wasn't the deal. They didn't mention that if you have two features, like voice mail and call display, the deal only covers ONE option. So now some guy in Montreal is trying to fix the problem, and has promised to follow through. 


Telus has a HUGE systemic problem with its customer service - understaffed with underpaid agents who a farmed out to third-world countries so they can maximize profits for their management and shareholders. The future is NOT friendly Telus - it's INHUMAN.