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Home phone Voicemail


Has anyone tried accessing home voice mail online? How do I go about it?


Good Samaritan

Yes, it's a great feature! Plus it's a free service if you're subscribed to Home phone voicemail feature. Voicemail Web Access is what they call it.


There are 2 ways to access your voicemail online:


1. Through TELUS Voicemail portal page:

a. Visit this link: https://

b. Enter your 10-digit phone number and Voice Mail password.


2. Through

a. Visit and click on "Your account: TELUS Home Services" in top right-hand corner.

b. Register or enter login information. For first time (unregistered), Click "Register" link and follow the instructions. If you're already registered, Enter username and password, then click "Log in.

c. Navigate to Voice Mail section. Click on "Your Accounts" tab. At the top of the page, the customer's phone number is displayed and a link to "Listen to voicemail". Click this link.


Customers must activate their Voice Mailbox first before they can use web access.

Note: Only customers with Voice Mail Enhanced or Family Extension have access to the voicemail on the web

i have  tried this using a Mac and it works. I have tried it using my iphone and ipad and it does not work at all.  Is there another way to access home voicemail with devices running IOS.