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Home Internet Data Usage Meter not accurate!


I have been finding the Telus Data Usage Meter frustrating to use. I moved from Shaw where data was not capped, to Telus with a 250GB cap.  For the last few months I have been closely monitoring internet data usage and noticed that the meter does not correlate AT ALL to when or how much data is used on our network.  I called Telus about this and was told that the meter can be up to 72 (or more!) hours behind, despite indicating on the usage meters site that it was last updated within 24hrs, (and if I wanted I should check with the CRTC) .  Even then, every time I check the usage, the meter has jumped up by an un-expected amount.  I have checked all connected devices and there is no sign of any unauthorized activity.  Meanwhile I get constant reminders from Telus to upgrade to a new data plan.

I believe it is unacceptable to impose these data limits, and then provide a broken monitoring tool.  It makes me suspicious that they are not correctly tracking my data usage.


Community Power User
Community Power User

What's the point in making a whole new separate topic from the already existing one you replied to already?

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Similar topic, different discussion. Check your usage over the next few days and see what you get.

Friendly Neighbour

if you use only one computer and shut down wifi, then it would be easy to understand when you monitor your network traffic using networx ( not including local network traffic ) you may find telus is giving you a figure which is about 15% more than the actual usage, download and upload together of course. after monitoring a number of months, let's say I download a file 10G in size which is a known figure using torrent, and together with the required upload, networx may be giving me a total usage of around 10.8G but telus may be giving me a figure 12 to 13G which is rather terrible.  Just like recent days I purposely not using the internet for two days and only use it for some emails which consumes little bytes since I know telus usage report is a way far beyond real time, I would say at least 2 days behind, then I tried to download a file 1.5G size and together with the upload which is only 3MB, so the total usage is just about 1.5G but when I check on the ussge, telus is advancing the figure by 4GB as compared to 2 days ago, sometimes I am totally frustrated because telus may be just throwing me any figure it likes and not my actual usage and using this trick and constantly call me to upgrade the plan or to pay $30 more for unlimited usage and it entirely not acceptable.  Better try and plan to switch service provider.