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High-Speed Internet service wanted!!

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Fibre optic comes out of the ground nearby but no node. Everyone wants service and pettions signed. Rural BC-Kootenays. No cell tower either. How do we get noticed by Telus. I'm sick of living worse than 3rd world. CRTC?

#futurelooksgood! lol


i really want it too!

the other side of my street have fiber but not mine! 😛

come on #telus if you dont come by 4th of december on my brithday, i will sue you, 😛

ya, i think we need some improvements in the Fraser valley and okanagan!

Community Power User
Community Power User
I suggest you get all your friends and family to fill out the form. That being said one of the downsides of being in the Rural is slower expansion, compared to areas with high population density..

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Community Power User
Community Power User

With the exception of the Slocan Valley, where there has been vehement opposition to the installation of cellular towers, most of the populated areas of the Kootenays have cell coverage, though there are some gaps. Fibre infrastructure costs a fair bit to install, and all cost recovery has to be from sales, as there are no government subsidies, as there were for copper, so as @WestCoasterBC indicated, there has to be sufficient numbers of customers to make the build-out financially sensible.


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I feel your pain.  Especially since Shaw speeds in the Kootenays are so poor due to congestion in that area.  At least they used to be not so long ago.