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Help please. Telus Gigabit, with very slow speeds on Google WIFI backhaul.

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Hi. I wanted to send a private message, and ask for your help with my Google Wifi Mesh network.

I have Telus Fibre I Gigabit, however WIFI coverage in my house is not great and despite paying for 1 Gigabit, I only get 250 Mbps down and 190 up with TELUS equipment from including their WIFI extender.

Got fed up with Telus and bought the Google WIFI mesh system with 3 pucks. House is about 3600 sq feet and wired for ethernet.

I have the Mesh network set up and backhauled to the primary puck via a router, but cannot improve my home WIFI speeds.

The primary Google WIFI puck is connected to the Actiontec router via ethernet. The Actiontec router also has an ethernet connection to an Alcatel device. I have left the Actiontec and Alcatel router alone, to avoid messing up my Optik TV.

I have an ethernet connection from the Google WIFI to an unmanaged Netgear Gigabit switch. The ethernet backhaul CAT5e cables are connected to the Netgear switch and run to the second and third Google WIFI pucks.

Google WIFI shows internet download and upload speed from Actiontec as 800/790. However in the house on speedtest with Telus,, Ookla and Google Speedtest, I never get speeds above 200 download and 180 upload on the Google WIFI network. The Telus network typically runs at 250/190.

Please, what am I doing wrong? Would appreciate it, if you can walk me through this and explain how to fix the slow speeds on Google WIFI.





Community Power User
Community Power User

What devices are you expecting to see such speeds? Many Wi-Fi devices are incapable of speeds higher than 200 Mbps.



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What is the speed test showing for a device connected by Ethernet to the Actiontec? This will be a better measure of the ISP speed.

What you are measuring over WiFi is the WiFi speed not the ISP speed. There may be nothing wrong with your setup. You are likely just experiencing the WiFi limitations of your devices.